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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yay! Finally get to upload. Sorry the commentary is not lining up with the pictures. First time blogger!

This is my best water picture...although the water is not very blurry. I was having a hard time keeping the shutter open long without whiting out the whole picture.
This is my best movement picture. All the rest the object I was trying to take pictures of is just as blurry as the background.

This is my best blurry background picture. I now realize that I could have taken really good moody and black background pictures that day but it did not occur to me. And it hasn't been that sunny since.

This is the white out (although you can see some of the tree)

This is what the background looks like.

I was zooming out as I took the picture

I was trying to make a dark background but didn't succeed very well.

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